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A case, screen protector, and 2 years of free screen repairs.

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It’s more than a case.
It’s a just in case.

The Cellairis Bundle includes a phone case and screen protector to guard against drops and a Never Pay Guarantee just in case it breaks. So if an accident does happen to your screen, we’ll fix it for free. That means you get unlimited free screen repairs for 2 years. And if for some reason we can’t fix it at one of our participating locations, we’ll pay you up to $150.

$59 for Phones $69 for Tablets

The Cellairis Bundle
Protective Case


One of our slim, military drop-tested cases that will dramatically decrease the chances your device will ever break in the first place.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector


An HD Crystal Clear screen protector that goes on bubble free and is impact, smudge and scratch resistant.

The Never Pay Guarantee


If an accident does happen, our Never Pay Guarantee ensures you can quickly have your screen repaired at absolutely no additional cost for 2 years.

AVAILABLE FOR : IPHONE SE, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 PRO, 11 PRO MAX, IPHONE 12, IPHONE 12 PRO, IPHONE 12 PRO MAX, IPHONE 12 MINI, IPAD MINI 2, 3, 4; AIR 1, 2; PRO 9.7 IN, 10.5 IN, 12.9 IN

The Never Pay Guarantee is for 2 years. In the event that your screen cannot be repaired, we will pay you up to $150. The Never Pay Guarantee is not valid at all locations, so click here for a list of particpating locations.

Start Your Bundle

With two tiers starting at $59, we’ve got the right bundle for your device, from the iPhone 6 to the 12, iPad Minis and Pros. So just match your device with the case that matches your style, add the screen protector and you’re ready to register.

Register Your Device

When you purchase The Cellairis Bundle, you’ll need to download the MyCellairis® App - a simple diagnostic tool that confirms your device is ready for the Never Pay Guarantee.*


You can buy just a case and screen protector and hope. Or you can buy The Cellairis Bundle and know—that just in case your screen breaks, we’ll fix it for free. With The Cellairis Bundle, you’re covered. But if your device is cracked or crushed, dragged or dropped, click here—and get your screen repaired free of charge with our Never Pay Guarantee.*

Bundle case
Bundle case

Show us your Break Rate
we'll show you the savings.

With The Cellairis Bundle, breaking your screen won’t break your budget. Punch the numbers for yourself to see how much you can save on otherwise costly screen repairs.

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Total Cost of Repairs
* The repair costs displayed are based on the particular phone model that you select. The repair cost amount is an average of the actual repair costs for the selected model from a Cellairis branded retail store in the following states: CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, NJ, NY, TX


The device must be working so your device can pass the diagnostic test. If your device is already broken, take it to your local Cellairis store to be repaired first. Once repaired, purchase The Cellairis Bundle and perform the diagnostic tests via the MyCellairis App to register your device.
Yes! The Cellairis Bundle stays with the device regardless of the owner. The device is registered using device’s IMEI code or Serial Number—not the customer who purchased it.
The Cellairis Bundle’s product guarantee does not replace phone insurance. The product guarantee works alongside any preexisting insurance you may have, but be sure to check the terms of your policy.
Your device is eligible for screen repairs up to two years from the date your device is registered through the MyCellairis App (which must be within 30 days from purchase). There is no limit to how many times you can receive screen repairs; however, if your screen cannot be repaired, you will receive up $150 and the term of the guarantee will expire (see terms and conditions for full details).
You are still covered! Take your device with the case and screen protector intact on your registered device and we will replace them for you free of charge!
Absolutely! Simply purchase The Cellairis Bundle and provide the person you are giving it to with the receipt (because the recipient will need information from the receipt to register). The gift recipient would then just download the MyCellairis App, complete the diagnostic steps, and register their device.
As long as you have The Cellairis Bundle and registered your device, you will receive up to $150 if your screen cannot be repaired (see terms and conditions for full details).
No. Since The Cellairis Bundle is registered to a specific device, you would need to purchase another Cellairis Bundle and register your new device. However, you will be able to use your same login from when you registered your first Cellairis Bundle in the MyCellairis App.
No. Water damage is not covered by The Cellairis Bundle’s product guarantee.
You have a few available options:

i. First, you can take your device (with your case, screen protector, and receipt of purchase) to a local Cellairis store and have one of the repair technicians give you a repair estimate. Once repaired, perform the diagnostic tests via the MyCellairis App to register your device.

ii. Second, you can use the case and screen protector, however your device will not receive the benefit of free screen repairs from The Cellairis Bundle until the device is repaired and successfully registered (you have 30 days from the date of purchase).

iii. Third, you can return The Cellairis Bundle. The return must be done 30 days from the date of purchase. You must have the original receipt. You must return The Cellairis Bundle to the store it was purchased from (which is on the receipt). You must return both the case and screen protector (see terms and conditions for full details)

Terms & Conditions

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